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2-Rm 102 [clear filter]
Tuesday, March 20

10:10am PDT

Achieving Live Data in the Oracle Cloud
If you’re like most people shifting to a cloud strategy, your learning curve is steep, and even the basics such as migrating data to the cloud are worrisome. Whether megabytes or petabytes, you need your cloud migration to be an efficient process - continuous, requiring no downtime, and seamless without data loss. The long delays inherent with traditional migration methods, the need for coordinated ingestion across multiple environments and various geolocations, stale, vulnerable, or inconsistent data often leave projects stuck in the starting gate. Even worse, when your business’s data is driving competitive advantage, unless you can be sure of the availability of your data, you and your business are at serious risk. Now it is possible to have guaranteed consistent data everywhere, even when data is growing and changing. This presentation will explain ‘LIVE DATA’. And present architecture and solutions that show how a ‘LIVE DATA strategy’ allows you to surmount common and sometimes scary cloud use-cases across a wide variety of industry scenarios.

avatar for Tom Luckenbach

Tom Luckenbach

Architect, Global Partner Solutions, WANdisco
15+ years Management/Executive leadership. Ran Pre-Sales Systems/Sales Engineering and Professional Service teams for Enterprise Hardware and Software solutions. The last 5 years the focus is on Big Data - modern data warehouse and analytics platforms in the Cloud.

Tuesday March 20, 2018 10:10am - 11:00am PDT
2-Rm 102

11:15am PDT

Architecting for Analytics
This session answers architecture questions related to the overall structure and strategy for an enterprise analytics system. How do we design a data warehouse for analytics purposes? What do we integrate into a central warehouse or maintain in separate data marts? How do we integrate long term storage systems that we need to query only occasionally? Data lakes? Big Data?? What are the tradeoffs with different tools and how much do we invest in custom code? How do we integrate real-time data streaming? What ETL and integration strategies are we going to use? Where and how do we extend our raw data with calculated measures and analytic functions? How do we create a system that has a strong foundation, but can grow and evolve over time? This presentation will draw from real-world data architecture projects that were designed with analytics in mind.

avatar for Mike Caskey

Mike Caskey

Senior Consultant, Vlamis Software Solutions
As a senior consultant, I am a veteran Oracle data warehouse architect and a Software Engineer. While I have solid experience working with transactional systems, my specialty has been data warehouse and business intelligence applications. I bring tremendous data warehouse experience... Read More →
avatar for Dan Vlamis

Dan Vlamis

President, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
Dan Vlamis is President and founder of Vlamis Software Solutions, a boutique consultancy which has led more than 200 Business Analytics implementations for more than 25 years at many of the world’s leading organizations. Recognized by Oracle as an Oracle ACE Director, he consults with Oracle Product Management regularly. Dan covers Oracle Analytics... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 11:15am - 12:05pm PDT
2-Rm 102

1:10pm PDT

A Practical Business Approach to Implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud
Implementing and Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) ecosystem can be a challenge. When successfully implemented they can deliver significant business value. However, may BI implementations fail because they are long, complex and ultimately do not meet the business's needs. We discuss an approach for reducing technical complexity and ensuring business needs drive the implementation of the solution. Using the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) offers the organizations a robust platform for implementation a business intelligence ecosystem and accelerates the solution cycle.

This presentation looks to provide relevant information to anyone looking to implement a Cloud based Oracle BI ecosystem to support organizational business processes. Initially we will conduct a cost benefit comparison of on premise verses cloud based solutions. Also, this presentation will provide a overview of the Oracle Analytics Cloud features and functionality. Then we will review a full life cycle methodology.

avatar for Peter Koutroubis

Peter Koutroubis

Sr. VP of Operations, ERPA
Eighteen years of Information Technology consulting services experience with eight plus years specifically focused on Oracle technologies. Extensive experience in program and project management in data warehousing and business intelligence. Public Sector Contribution Award from the... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 1:10pm - 2:00pm PDT
2-Rm 102

2:30pm PDT

Accelerating Joins and Aggregations on the Oracle In-Memory Database
Analytic workloads are dominated by joins, aggregations, and scans. In-Memory columnar databases have optimized scans using compressed data formats and SIMD vectorization techniques, but have made little impact to the rest of the query execution plan. The Oracle Database In-Memory (DBIM) Option introduced new SQL execution operators that accelerate analytic queries by optimizing aggregation over joins for star schemas. Group-by expressions are pushed down into the scans of dimension tables, creating a unique key per distinct group called a Dense Grouping Key (DGK). A Key Vector is allocated that maps join keys to DGKs, which is used to filter non-matching rows during the fact table scan. Passing rows are then aggregated directly on compressed codes into DGK-indexed result buffers using SIMD. Our solution replaces traditional join and group-by processing (bloom filters, hash table build/probe, etc) with blazing fast inlined scan operators, improving query elapsed time by as much as 10X.

avatar for Shasank Chavan

Shasank Chavan

Vice President, In-Memory Technologies, Oracle
Lead an amazing team of brilliant engineers in the Database organization responsible for developing Oracle's In-Memory Column Store. We currently are hyper-focused on leveraging emerging hardware technologies to build the next-generation data storage engine that powers the cloud... Read More →
avatar for Ekrem Soylemez

Ekrem Soylemez

Architect, Oracle
I have been working in Oracle RDBMS development for 23 years. During that time, I have worked on data storage, Oracle OLAP, and most recently the SQL engine.  My current focus is improving performance of analytic queries, particularly those that are run against In-Memory Columnar... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
2-Rm 102

3:35pm PDT

Monetize product usage and Retain customer success with Oracle Bigdata
Data is at the heart of Product organization's decision making process. Yet, only a few pieces of valuable product usage data are deployed for financials analytics. In this session learn how RecVue processes trillions of product usage data points with Oracle Bigdata cloud and build analytics to monetize product usage, reduce customer churn and retain customer success.

avatar for Anto Joseph

Anto Joseph

VP, Technology, RECVUE
Anto is a technologist, innovator, and product strategist. He leads the engineering and operations teams at RecVue. His teams are responsible for delivering RecVue (SaaS), including the user interface, applications and frameworks. He believes deeply in building technology products... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 3:35pm - 4:05pm PDT
2-Rm 102

4:20pm PDT

Introducing Oracle R Enterprise 1.5.1 New Features
Oracle R Enterprise, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, makes the open source R statistical programming language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data. Designed for problems involving both large and small volumes of data, Oracle R Enterprise integrates R with Oracle Database, enabling R users to run R commands and scripts for statistical, machine learning, and graphical analyses on database tables. In this session, we will briefly introduce Oracle R Enterprise, but focus on the new features of Oracle R Enterprise 1.5.1, including:
  • OREdplyr - transparncy layer package based on the popular and powerful dplyr package from the tidyverse
  • OAAgraph - enabling combining Oracle Spatial and Graph PGX with OAA machine learning from a common R interface
  • Explicit Semantic Analysis algorithm - new text analytics capability to extract features based on human curated topics, such as from Wikipedia
  • Partititioned models - automated building and scoring of predictive models based on  data partitions
  • and more...
Join us to see what how you could take your R-based analytics to the next level of functionality, scalability, and performance.

avatar for Mark Hornick

Mark Hornick

Senior Director, Oracle
Mark Hornick is the Senior Director of Product Management for the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) family of products. He leads the OML PM team and works closely with Product Development on product strategy, positioning, and evangelization, Mark has over 20 years of experience with integrating... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 4:20pm - 5:10pm PDT
2-Rm 102
Wednesday, March 21

9:00am PDT

Internet of Things Architecture Panel
This Panel will be lead by the the Authors of the recently published book called "Architecting the Industrial Internet." This session will cover:
1) How and Why Industrial Internet is different from consumer IoT?
2) Why Platform approach to IoT?
3) Big Data and Industrial Analytics
4) Use Cases / Case Studies
5) Professional implications of IoT

avatar for Shyam Varan Nath

Shyam Varan Nath

Enterprise Cloud Architect, Oracle
avatar for Carla Romano

Carla Romano

Director - Development, Big Data, IOT & Data Warehouse for Industries
Carla has been involved in industry-focused business intelligence, data warehousing, big data, and most recently IOT for the last ten years

Wednesday March 21, 2018 9:00am - 9:50am PDT
2-Rm 102

10:05am PDT

Cloud Native Big Data 2.0 Platform Overview and Strategy
This session providers an overview of Oracle's modern, cloud native big data 2.0 platform as a cloud service. Learn how various technological innovations within the portfolio of Big Data Cloud forms big data foundation services-around data integration, data management and analytics. Also learn about Oracle Event Hub Cloud that is offered as cloud native Kafka as a managed service, that his low latency and high performance streaming platform in the cloud.

avatar for Praveen Deshpande

Praveen Deshpande

Director, Product Management, Oracle
Over 17 Years of Product Development experience building Enterprise Technology Solutions - Analytics & Data Platforms, Big Data, Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing (public/private/hybrid). Functions:- Product Management & Strategy, Product Engineering and Business Develop... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 10:05am - 10:55am PDT
2-Rm 102

11:10am PDT

Operationalizing Machine Learning
Most data science projects begin with data, “tools” and scripts but fail to get beyond the data scientist. They hit a wall when attempting to “operationalize” the models. Netflix never implemented the algorithm that won the Netflix $1 Million Challenge. This dichotomy between enterprise and algorithms is eliminated when algorithms are built into the data management platforms. By “moving algorithms to the data”, Oracle Database and Big Data Clouds are now data management and advanced analytical platforms. “Robots” can replicate human tasks by capturing best practices discovered in the data and automating that process using machine learning deployed models. Developers use SQL, R and Oracle Data Miner UI to build, evaluate and deploy advanced analytical methodologies. See how to go beyond “tools” to enabling RPA (robotic process automation) applications. Several Oracle “predictive” Applications will be shown as examples._x000D_

avatar for Charlie Berger

Charlie Berger

Sr. Dir. Product Mgmt, Oracle Machine Learning, AI, Oracle
Charlie Berger is the Sr. Director of Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics in Oracle Server Technology. Since 1999, he has been responsible for Oracle’s machine learning—starting when Oracle acquired Thinking Machines Corporation where he was VP of... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 11:10am - 12:00pm PDT
2-Rm 102

1:00pm PDT

Using Machine Learning in OBIEE for Predictive Analytics and Actionable BI
This presentation focuses on unlocking the power of Data Science for data-driven decision support. It details the pragmatics of using Machine Learning techniques in OBIEE for actionable BI and Predictive Analytics from a business standpoint. Two industry use cases are presented to illustrate the implementation of the same using OBIEE 12c.

avatar for Lakshman Bulusu

Lakshman Bulusu

Consultant, Princetoinfo
Lakshman Bulusu has around 30 years of US experience as a database developer, database engineer, and database architect using Oracle, MySql, Sqlserver and Vertica across telecom, retail, healthcare, pharma, and insurance industry verticals in both OLAP and OLTP environments.His book... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm PDT
2-Rm 102

2:20pm PDT

Real Time Big Data Analytic Platform with Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
Lending Club’s Big Data Analytics platform is going through a major transformation to adopt the Lambda Architecture with Real-Time reporting and execution of AI/ML models on Real-Time data. Lending Club's OLTP platform is transitioning to a Microservice-based architecture. At the heart of both solutions is GoldenGate for BigData. We are using a single server configured to run the replicats serving JSON payloads and Avro formats using same set of trail files. We implemented a custom java replicat to stream JSON messages to AWS Kinesis. We are using HDFS handler to stream data in Avro format to HDFS and AWS S3 to be consumed by AWS EMR, Hive on Tez/Presto/Spark. The solutions have been architected in a secure, reliable, and resilient manner.

avatar for Vengata Guruswamy

Vengata Guruswamy

Principal Database Administrator, LendingClub Inc
Venky Guruswamy is a seasoned database professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in various tech domains of banking, financial, retail, ecommerce primarily managing Oracle, Mysql, MongoDB ,Teradata databases. He is currently the Principal DBA at Lending Club leading... Read More →
avatar for Rajit Saha

Rajit Saha

Principal Software Engineer - BigData, LendingClub
Bigdata evangelist , having well round experience in BigData stack and building BigData platform from zero to production class.

Wednesday March 21, 2018 2:20pm - 3:10pm PDT
2-Rm 102

3:25pm PDT

How To Build A Business Analytics Business Case When The Future Is Cloudy
We all know that IT spend is getting cloudier and cloudier these days, with software, infrastructure and platform spend moving to the cloud…but we are also all in situations where we need to make the best use of our organization's investment in existing applications and infrastructure! In this session, we will discuss practical advice for making the business case to move to cloud as appropriate for BI/business analytics and related software/infrastructure/platform solutions, with a detailed conversation around when cloud makes sense financially...and when it doesn't. We will discuss real-life case studies on companies that moved to the cloud; companies that chose (near-to-mid-term) to stay fully on-premise; and companies that made the business case for a hybrid environment for the foreseeable future. Learn how you can evaluate what makes sense for you and your organization!

avatar for Kirby Lunger

Kirby Lunger

Partner, Performance Architects
Kirby Lunger is a Partner at Performance Architects, a leading business and technology consulting firm focused on enterprise analytics (analytics, BI and EPM). She maintains over 22 years of experience in the consulting, internet services, and software markets. She is the Co-Chair... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 3:25pm - 4:15pm PDT
2-Rm 102

4:30pm PDT

Anomaly Detection in Medicare Provider Data using OAAgraph
Graph analysis is an effective methodology in data analysis which considers fine-grained relationships between data entities. This session presents an example of anomaly detection using graph analysis on data stored in Oracle Database with Oracle R Enterprise and the OAAgraph package, using a real-world public data set.
Specifically, we analyze the public information of medical transactions from CMS (United States Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for the year 2012. We load this data set as a graph into Oracle Database, and use the OAAgraph package to apply graph analysis algorithms whose results are be visualized using R's ggplot2 visualization package. 
Our analysis successfully identifies suspicious records in the data set -- medical providers who perform procedures far from their specialties. We also discuss techniques how to reduce false positive outcomes. 

avatar for Sungpack Hong

Sungpack Hong

Research Director, Oracle
Research Director at Oracle Labs.Leading projects regarding large-scale graph and data analysis -- platforms and applications
avatar for Mark Hornick

Mark Hornick

Senior Director, Oracle
Mark Hornick is the Senior Director of Product Management for the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) family of products. He leads the OML PM team and works closely with Product Development on product strategy, positioning, and evangelization, Mark has over 20 years of experience with integrating... Read More →

Francisco Morales

Software Developer, Oracle Labs

Wednesday March 21, 2018 4:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
2-Rm 102
Thursday, March 22

8:45am PDT

HOL: Oracle DV & ML : come try it live !
Limited Capacity seats available

Come to this hands on lab to run Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning models in Oracle DV and build stunning visualizations with it!

avatar for Joseph Kuttikat

Joseph Kuttikat

Director of Product Management, Oracle Analytics, Oracle India
Joseph is a Director of Product Management for Analytics family of products at Oracle. He has 10+ years of product management expertise and overall 15+ years of software industry experience. Along with his PM responsibilities, Joseph has been an Oracle technology evangelist on multiple... Read More →
avatar for Philippe Lions

Philippe Lions

Senior Director, Oracle
Philippe has an extensive experience with BI and data intelligence, both from the business user world side and the software designer world side. His career splits between holding Business Analyst roles in several corporations and for the second half, over a decade in BI Product Management... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 8:45am - 10:40am PDT
2-Rm 102

10:55am PDT

Fighting supply chain risks with Blockchain and IoT
Modern global supply chains are highly complex ecosystems. Despite decades of innovations to streamline and optimize operations, companies still consistently face challenges with end-to-end visibility, product tracking, bootlegging, fraud, compliance, safety, and delivery speed. Supply chain-related crimes and disruptions cost companies billions of dollars annually across the globe.

This session showcases how blockchain, IoT and machine learning can be harnessed to fight some of the key supply chain risks and challenges of today.  When implemented right, this solution improves customer trust, minimizes losses and optimizes end to end operations. The session will cover the use cases, technical architecture and implementation considerations.

avatar for Anant Kadiyala

Anant Kadiyala

Director - Blockchain & IoT Industry Solutions, Oracle
Anant Kadiyala is director of blockchain and IoT industry solutions at Oracle. He is a specialist in digital transformation and applied innovation. Anant is currently building solutions that drive supply chain transparency, visibility and agility. He has published numerous articles... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 10:55am - 11:45am PDT
2-Rm 102

12:00pm PDT

Pilot your Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Cloud Migration on Virtual Box
You know you need to get started on that Oracle Business Intelligence upgrade from 11g to 12c so you do a “lift and shift” to the cloud, but IT resources are tight, plus you’re not really sure how everything is going to fit together and you are going to have to wait for the Database and Server Administrators to get the environments set up. No problem, just use your laptop or PC to pilot the entire migration using Virtual Box and Sample Applications. In no time you will be up and running, using the migration and baseline validation tools, connecting to your real data, verifying dashboards and running reports in 12c. Once that is taken care of you can proceed to the cloud. 
This is a case study of how Aleris International piloted its migration from OBIEE to using a laptop, Virtual Box and Sample applications for OBIEE.

avatar for Mark Whitlock

Mark Whitlock

BI Architect, Aleris International
Mark Whitlock is a Certified Oracle DBA, OBIA 7 Certified Implementation Specialist, past Director of IT in an Oracle database environment, Project Manager for Department of Defense and Global Decision Support Analyst. Currently a Senior BI Architect for Aleris International Inc... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT
2-Rm 102

1:30pm PDT

Headache Due To Merger or Acquisition? Here's The Prescription for Financials
This session will describe a customer success story where the customer needed to quickly replace the budget/forecasting and financial reporting systems of a large business unit they had acquired (or they would face severe penalties). The customer is a large financial services company that is based in Jersey City, NJ (2.9bn annual revenues).

The customer chose to implement PBCS and BICS and have them run on Oracle DbaaS. Apps Associates performed the implementation and developed near real time integration across PBCS, BICS, EBS R12 and Workday. Apps Associates’ BICS Financial Accelerator was used to load data from EBS R12 into BICS/DbaaS and provide financial reporting. BICS was implemented as the single BI solution for all financial reporting and analysis - including drill down to detail.

The PBCS/BICS platform is now being rolled out to other areas of the organization.

avatar for Myles Gilsenan

Myles Gilsenan

Practice Director, Apps Associates
Myles is a Director with Apps Associates and has more than 20 years of global experience in the design and deployment of large scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.  He spent the first 10 years of his career at a Big 4 consulting firm leading international ERP and BI deployments... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 1:30pm - 2:20pm PDT
2-Rm 102

2:30pm PDT

Key Take-Aways in Exploring Oracle Cloud to Modernize BI and Analytics
Tektronix is a world-leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment. Like many global organizations with complex business operations, the process of bringing together data resources for analysis is a challenging but critically important business function. Several business units at Tektronix used independent BI platforms, leading to integration challenges. A fast-track project run by Vlamis Software Solutions using Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) data visualizations consolidated these disparate systems into one modernized their business analytic platform. This all built upon the good work done in various departmental silos as well as their data warehouse and legacy OBIEE system. Come with your questions about how to balance the technology preferences of different functional user groups, how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current OBIEE implementation, and how to build momentum during a modernization initiative.

avatar for Eshwari Mulpuru

Eshwari Mulpuru

Sr. Business Apps Manager, Tektronix Inc.
avatar for Tim Vlamis

Tim Vlamis

VP and Analytics Strategist, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
An Oracle Ace and expert in the visualization of data and the design of business analytics strategies, Tim combines a strong background in the application of Oracle-based business analytics and data mining with extensive experience in business modeling and valuation analysis. Tim... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
2-Rm 102

3:40pm PDT

Oracle Database In-Memory Implementation and Usage
Oracle Database In-Memory is one of the most fascinating new database features in a long time, promising an incredible performance boast for analytics. This presentation provides a step-by-step guide on when and where you should take advantage of Database In-Memory, as well as outlining strategies to help you ensure you get the promised performance boast regardless of your database environments. These strategies include how to identify which objects to populate into memory, how to identify which indexes to drop, and details on how to integrate with other performance enhancing features. With easy-to-follow real-world examples, this presentation explains exactly what steps you need to take to get up and running on Oracle Database In-Memory.

avatar for Andy Rivenes

Andy Rivenes

Product Manager, Oracle
Andy Rivenes is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and is a Product Manager for Database In-Memory. Prior to that Andy was a Product Manager for Heat Map, Automatic Data Optimization, SecureFiles and DBFS. Andy has been working with Oracle products since 1992... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 3:40pm - 4:30pm PDT
2-Rm 102

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