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Tuesday, March 20

10:10am PDT

Path to Data Architect: Hadoop, Spark, Flink, and Beam Explained to Oracle DBAs
Big Data is growing exponentially, requiring massive-scale infrastructure however, business analytics has shifted from reactive to proactive analysis; this is the era of streaming data (a.k.a. Fast Data). Apache Hadoop is very good for analyzing data at rest but cannot handle streaming data.
Big Data analytics needs new Big data frameworks. Apache Spark brings in-memory processing and RDD data abstraction which allow real-time processing of streaming data however its micro batch architecture incurs high latency. Apache Flink brings low latency and could address Spark limitations however it is not as mature and largely adopted as Spark.
Apache Beam promotes its portable Beam model across Big data frameworks (Spark, Flink, Dataflow).
Tis session presents and overview of the major Big Data frameworks and suggests that DBA should embrace these frameworks and expand their skills as a necessary path to becoming Data Architects.

avatar for Kuassi Mensah

Kuassi Mensah

Director Product Management, Oracle Corporation
Kuassi is Director of Product Management at Oracle. He looks after the following product areas (i) Java connectivity to DB (Cloud, on-premises), in-place processing with DB embedded JVM (ii) MicroServices and DB connectivity, and related topics (Data & Tx models, Kubernetes, SAGAs... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 10:10am - 11:00am PDT
4-Rm 104

11:15am PDT

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud - Experiences of an Early Adopter
In the Cloud managed Data Warehouse services are still rare. Amazon Red Shift and Snowflake are examples of new contenders in the market place. At Oracle Open World Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud service (ADWC). It shall become available at the turn of the calendar year as a fully managed DWH service, running on Exadata hardware.

sumIT took part in a preview programme in summer and autumn of 2017 and has gained insights and experience with the new service. In this presentation those experiences will be shared with the audience. Key features of the service, like its ease of provisioning, use, and interfacing other systems and clouds will be presented and also demonstrated.

Lessons learned will be told, the services sweet spot and limits be discussed. Moreover, AWDC will be compared to other managed DWH cloud services. This will illustrate the advantages AWDC gives customers, but will also help identify room for improvement in future AWDC versions.

avatar for Holger Friedrich

Holger Friedrich

Dr.-Ing. Holger Friedrich is co-founder and CTO of sumIT. sumIT is a Swiss based consulting firm, specialized on Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Big Data projects. Holger holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He is a regular... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 11:15am - 12:05pm PDT
4-Rm 104

1:10pm PDT

MSET Plus Situation Awareness for Big Data Healthcare Prognostic Applications
Situation Awareness (SA) is arguably the best method to extract the highest value from data;  Oracle's KIDS (Knowledge Intensive Data-management Services) is a particularly efficient model for achieving SA.  The Multivariate State Estimation Technique (MSET) is an advanced prognostic pattern recognition method that was originally developed in the 1990's for high-sensitivity prognostic applications in complex safety-critical industries by discovering anomalies with the provably lowest-possible false positives/negatives, and with low resource consumption.  Oracle's new MSET-2 combined with SA solves issues that confuse humans in the loop, and confound the best conventional ML algorithmics. The combination of Oracle MSET-2 and SA achieves a compelling value proposition for Big Data life sciences and healthcare applications, as well as for newly emerging dense-sensor IoT applications and human-in-the-loop supervisory-control applications.

avatar for Dieter Gawlick

Dieter Gawlick

Architect, Oracle
With almost 50 years of experience in the IT industry I was seen and contributed to many areas, e.g., databases, transaction processing, workflow, event processing, messaging, and ML. Using ML, data (base) management systems are now able to study the structure of the data values... Read More →
avatar for Kenny  Gross

Kenny Gross

Architect, Oracle
Kenny C Gross, PhD, is an AI Architect in Oracle's Physical Sciences Research Center in San Diego, CA. Kenny specializes in advanced pattern recognition and prognostic anomaly discovery for Big Data applications in IoT industries, life sciences, and business business-critical data... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 1:10pm - 2:00pm PDT
4-Rm 104

2:30pm PDT

Move Data between Apache Hadoop and Oracle Database for Customer 360 Analytics
Customer 360 degree views require data from a variety of streaming sources to be integrated with data stored in Big Data systems and databases. Machine learning and analytics applications need access to mobile device feeds, online community logs, social media feeds, and much more, along with business critical data stored in the database. Tools for data movement between streaming data sources, Big Data platforms and Oracle Databases are essential. In this session, learn about tools that move data between these systems, using technology such as Hive storage handlers for Kafka, direct path load, SQL, and custom Hive SerDes. We will step through using these tools to work with Streaming data (Kafka), Big Data, and Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

avatar for Melliyal Annamalai

Melliyal Annamalai

Product Manager, Oracle
Melli Annamalai is a product manager at Oracle. She has vast experience in multiple technology areas related to unstructured and semi-structured data management. Her current focus areas are Graphs, Apache Kafka, and Big Data. She works closely with customers as they deploy solutions... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
4-Rm 104

3:35pm PDT

Forecasting the storm recovery resource allocation in electric utility network
A leading cause of power outages in the US is weather driven equipment failure events. Oracle utility customers are seeking machine learning techniques (recommended by the USDOE) to improve real-time risk assessment for critical assets based upon incoming weather forecast. Given an accurate prediction for the location, type, and amount of the storm-damaged equipment, the utility company can position the right number of specialized crews and material resources ahead of time. We develop a novel machine-learning model trained on the history of asset failures and reported weather. Since the weather-reporting stations might be far from the assets and some weather data measurements might be missing, we interpolate the weather conditions at the asset locations using a triangularization function computed with a barycentric coordinates technique implementation. We report performance comparison of multiple machine learning models to recommend the best damage prediction tool.

avatar for Kenny  Gross

Kenny Gross

Architect, Oracle
Kenny C Gross, PhD, is an AI Architect in Oracle's Physical Sciences Research Center in San Diego, CA. Kenny specializes in advanced pattern recognition and prognostic anomaly discovery for Big Data applications in IoT industries, life sciences, and business business-critical data... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Vakhutinsky

Andrew Vakhutinsky

Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
Andrew Vakhutinsky is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Labs. He has Ph.D. in Operations Research from University of Maryland, College Park, and M.Sc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Moscow University of Physics and Technology. Andrew's previous experience includes... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 3:35pm - 4:05pm PDT
4-Rm 104

4:20pm PDT

Technical Strategy for Industrial IoT on Oracle Cloud
No hype cycles or predictions of a gazillion things here. IoT is big. You get it. You know your business and have great ideas for a business transformation strategy. What comes next? Time to make it happen! We present a step-by-step plan to develop your technology implementation strategy on the Oracle Cloud. We discuss the evaluation of communication standards and IoT messaging protocols, data analytics considerations, edge-to-cloud technical architecture, IoT platform selection, end-to-end security, enterprise systems integration and monetization techniques. Seize market opportunities by following our methodology to design and implement a systems architecture that meets complex demands for security, flexibility, durability, and scalability.

avatar for Jay Mason

Jay Mason

Associate Partner | Analytics, IoT & Cybersecurity, M&S Consulting
Digital Transformation Architect: AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Iot and Cybersecurity20 years of IT consulting experience for commercial and government clients. Senior architect and project manager helping enterprises migrate streaming analytics to modern cloud-based architectures... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 4:20pm - 5:10pm PDT
4-Rm 104
Wednesday, March 21

9:00am PDT

Advanced Dashboard Techniques: Ultimate 360 Student View
Learn how Florida International University takes advantage of the OBIEE Business Intelligence technologies for report design, end-user interactive tools and data delivery. From requirement and validation phases to benefits realized from using the dashboard as a centralized source for actionable data.

avatar for Ayodele Osikoya

Ayodele Osikoya

Business Intelligence Developer, Florida International University
Ayodele Osikoya has over 5 years of diversified experience in the areas of Business Intelligence and Business Process Improvement. He has experience in requirement analyses, data mining ,forecasting and statistical analysis. Currently, he and his team are implementing the Florida... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 9:00am - 9:25am PDT
4-Rm 104

9:25am PDT

Comprehensive Cloud Analytics on Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service!!!
In this session, you will learn how DiLytics integrated Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) data into Oracle Analytics Cloud Service. DiLytics designed a Data Warehouse for Planning and Budgeting Analytics and developed a package to load data from Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service into the data warehouse. This enabled creation of metrics, KPIs and Dashboards in Oracle Analytics Cloud for extensive insight into the PBCS data. This empowered City of Oakland’s Financial Planning team to analyze budget details, actual spend, planned position details by job class, one-time and ongoing costs, Variance by department, etc. FP&A team is able to get insight into performance of planning process, effectiveness of budget, etc.

avatar for Shyam Panda

Shyam Panda

Founder and President, DiLytics Inc
Data Integration, Analytics, Business Intelligence. Shyam was Product Manager for BI Applications at Oracle. In his current role, Shyam:- Consults with customers on their current situation in the evolution of BI/Analytics in their enterprise- Recommends the best course of actions... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 9:25am - 9:50am PDT
4-Rm 104

10:05am PDT

Analyzing and resolving performance through aggregation tables in OBIEE 12c
This presentation will cover the process of resolving performance issues in OBIEE 12c. We will explain how to analyze poorly performing reports and dashboards. How to view the sql behind poorly performing analytics and dashboards. Explain the process implementing aggregate tables to improve performance.

avatar for Ervin McFadden

Ervin McFadden

Senior BI Consultant, US-Analytics
Certified Professional Business IntelligenceOver fifteen years of Accounting and Information Systems experience. Extensive use of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Financial / Manufacturing Applications and development tools. Including the following Oracle... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 10:05am - 10:55am PDT
4-Rm 104

11:10am PDT

What's New in Oracle Database 18c
Oracle Database recently switched to new annual Release Model with Oracle Database 18c the first annual release in the new model. This session is a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve and learn what's new in Oracle Database 18c directly from the Oracle Database development team.

avatar for Penny Avril

Penny Avril

Vice President, Oracle
Penny Avril is a Vice President in Oracle Server Technology Division, leading product management for Oracle Database. Penny works with release and development management on taking the product from design spec through development to production. Her team runs the customer advisory board... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 11:10am - 12:00pm PDT
4-Rm 104

1:00pm PDT

Cloud Data Center, Infrastructure, Analytics and integration. Mind the gap!
There is a long list of products and services, but what do I need for Analytics? Is it just the Cloud service? Can I simply connect everything? Let's get to the bottom of this. Let’s get a holistic view on the infrastructure for hybrid cloud analytics. These topics are based on an onshore/offshore industry company moving it's analytics to the cloud, while having to deal with offshore locations as well.
This session will elaborate on how Analytics Cloud, RDC, VPN, GoldenGate, Data Integrator, ETL, FastConnect, Internet Exchanges, your ISP and datacenters are related to each other. 
The case study is a datawarehouse and analytics platform in the Oracle Cloud connecting to on-premises sources. The analytics-to-the-cloud first approach is often a great start in the cloud, but at that time you need to think beyond running queries, offloading the ETL-load and moving BI users to the Cloud.
We will mind the gap and compare the upside and downside of different infrastructural approaches.

avatar for Hasso Schaap

Hasso Schaap

Analytics Designer, Qualogy
Come talk with me about all kinds of Business Analytics and Business Process Management. Especially the Oracle Cloud Platform is in my interest. Just like specific Finance and Human Capital Management topics.I'm a certfied specialist in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Wednesday March 21, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm PDT
4-Rm 104

2:20pm PDT

Transitioning OBIA On-Premise to OAC
The transition from Oracle Business Intelligence Applications On-Premise to Oracle Analytics Cloud can be a challenging and rewarding initiative. 
This presentation looks to provide relevant information to anyone looking to transition from on-premise OBIA to OAC. The discussion will focus on the roles involved from business intelligence analyst, ETL developer, OBIA System Admin/DBAs in the Full Solution Life Cycle of an Implementation including Design, Fit/Gap Analysis, Build, Test, Implementation and Post Go-Live. 

avatar for Peter Koutroubis

Peter Koutroubis

Sr. VP of Operations, ERPA
Eighteen years of Information Technology consulting services experience with eight plus years specifically focused on Oracle technologies. Extensive experience in program and project management in data warehousing and business intelligence. Public Sector Contribution Award from the... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 2:20pm - 3:10pm PDT
4-Rm 104

3:25pm PDT

The Open Source and Cloud part of Oracle's Big Data for Beginners
There are zillions of Open Source big data projects these days. However, in this session you will learn about the core principles of 4 key technologies that are most often used in projects: Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and Kafka. We first explain the fundamentals of those 4 big data technologies. Then you will see how to make the first easy steps into the big data world yourself with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service Compute Edition and Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service live demos.

avatar for Frank Munz

Frank Munz

Director, munz & more
Frank Munz is an expert in middleware and distributed computing. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the Technische Universität München with summa cum laude for his work on distributed computing and brain research. He published more than 20 peer reviewed scientific papers... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 3:25pm - 4:15pm PDT
4-Rm 104

4:30pm PDT

How to get from A to Z using multiple Oracle Products
This session will cover a real world example of multiple Oracle products being used for data projects and marketing campaigns across an enterprise level business vertical. 

A major national partner in the telecom space - with 600 retail locations and 8 million customers - needed comprehensive analytic help which required the following cloud based Oracle products:
1) OCI - Bare Metal - Housing the entire US consumer database of 260 million records with 100's of household attributes
2) OAC - Geo-spatial audit of their retail trade area currently used for prospect canvassing
3) OAC - Using Advanced Analytics to create extensive profiles/personas of who was buying their product
4) OAC - Using advanced modeling techniques to build predictive audience files to power new customer acquisition programs
5) ODC and OnRamp Services - Pushing millions of prospect and customer records into Onramp Services for use in OMC
6) OMC - Monitor existing customer buying cycles for renewal and cross-sell opportunities - and suppression against new prospect audiences
7) OMC - Monitor behavorial triggers inside BlueKai DMP for optimal promotion of client brand
8) OAC - Effective post campaign reporting with ROI and other KPI’s used for better attribution of marketing spend.

avatar for Jerry Gearding

Jerry Gearding

Chief Technology Officer, DX Marketing
Multi-disciplined technology, cloud, marketing and business leader with a consistent track record of driving increased levels of profit, productivity, ROI and overall customer satisfaction. Recognized as a technology evangelist and change agent who designs and implements best of class... Read More →
avatar for Ray Owens

Ray Owens

CEO, DX Marketing
Data-driven decisions are all the rage nowadays, but DX Marketing's founder and CEO Ray Owens has long been a numbers guy. His three decades of data analytics experience and real world customer insight form the foundation of both the capabilities as a business and the marketing philosophies... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 4:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
4-Rm 104
Thursday, March 22

8:45am PDT

Leveraging Analytics in Higher Education
Big data is still a trending topic in higher education and other industries. While understanding the importance of big data is critical, most universities are not leveraging the power of small data. Many data warehouse implementations in higher education fail as they only provide reports that do not aid in improving daily business functions. This session will highlight various technologies and strategies in incorporating data and analytics into the institutional culture. Business intelligence is not just getting sophisticated reports but being integrated into the applications that students, faculty, advisors, and staff use daily. Data and analytics should be used to drive processes and provide alerts when interventions are needed. This session will provide an overview of how Valdosta State University have integrated data into the academic and administrative functions of the university, leading to improved insight and value.

avatar for Brian Haugabrook

Brian Haugabrook

CIO, Valdosta State University
IT executive with extensive experience in business intelligence, data analysis, enrollment and retention management. Ability to blend leadership, strategic vision, innovation, and technical expertise to define and deliver a campus-wide vision and strategic plan for all academic and... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 8:45am - 9:35am PDT
4-Rm 104

9:50am PDT

Analytic platform with a hybrid approach of home grown and vendor tools
Adopting any new technology is daunting, in addition to peer pressure, there is also a need to size up as data grows, all without breaking the bank. The original BIWA 2015 presentation was on how any IT shop can build a commodity Hadoop cluster with Dell servers, Redhat Linux, Infiband network cards and Cloudera HDFS. Most of the coding was in Java, and OLH (Oracle Loader for Hadoop) was used to load data into an Oracle 12c in-memory table (presented at OOW15). The expertise of Computer Science faculty, staff and students was used for the full project with vendor support.The group has since enhanced the cluster with SSD (Solid State Drives) and SPARK2, and written Python Spark Machine Learning code to  analyze Gigabyte size aircraft  logs. The visualization of the data using R-Oracle has been planned for the future.


Abhinav Arya

Research Intern, Naval Postgraduate School
avatar for Arijit Das

Arijit Das

Research Associate, Naval Postgraduate School
Arijit Das is a computer scientist with BS/MS degrees in Computer Science (MNREC, India & Oregon State University) and an MSEE from University of Nevada Las Vegas. He currently is a research faculty at the Computer Science Department of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California... Read More →

Jim Zhou

Researcher, NPS

Thursday March 22, 2018 9:50am - 10:40am PDT
4-Rm 104

10:55am PDT

New Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase Account? Now What Do You Do?
You have worked hard to convince your company they should move to the Oracle Analytics Cloud and have just received your OAC URL, username, and password. You anxiously login to find that you have no service instances provisioned! So, where do you start? Join this session to see a step-by-step walk through of provisioning the necessary services, getting your first Essbase databases converted from on-premise Essbase into the cloud, and connecting to those services using Smart View.

avatar for Tim Tow

Tim Tow

Founder and President, Applied OLAP, Inc
Tim Tow is the Founder and President of Applied OLAP and the visionary for the innovative Dodeca product line. He has been working exclusively with Oracle Essbase since 1995, specializing in the Essbase Java API. An Oracle ACE Alumni, Tim blogs on Essbase topics, leads the development... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 10:55am - 11:45am PDT
4-Rm 104

1:30pm PDT

Migrating multilayer Data Warehouse from SAS SPDS to Exadata Database Machine – Migrating proceses by day, fighting with data by night
PZU is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe and the leader in Polish insurance market.  According to the new strategy, focuses on the growth through use of the latest technological achievements, such as process automation and artificial intelligence. Foundation for this is an efficient and modern Data Warehouse, which provides information about clients and processes taking place within          the company. For this purpose, the insurer undertook a migration project of current SAS SPDS solution to an innovative product - Exadata Database Machine. Thanks to collaboration of specialists from SAS and Oracle, migration to a new environment composed of the SAS Grid analytical platform and Exadata Database Machine, is possible. The migration process is a big challenge, but necessary to guarantee PZU's success in the future.

avatar for Daniel Borkowicz

Daniel Borkowicz

DWH and BI Expert, PZU
avatar for Łukasz Bąkowski

Łukasz Bąkowski

DWH and BI Expert, PZU
avatar for Tomasz Przybyszewski

Tomasz Przybyszewski

Analytics Sr. Manager, Oracle
Regional Management - Sales and Marketing Management - Business Development Management - Customer and Partners Relationships Management - Leading the team of Analytics Sales and Co-Primes Team - Sells specialized set of Cloud & OnPremise Analytics (BI, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 1:30pm - 2:20pm PDT
4-Rm 104

2:30pm PDT

How Search Augments Analytics
Traditional Business intelligence (BI) has delivered a great value to organizations, enabling them to better data-based decision making. However, today the speed to make business decisions has outpaced the traditional BI's ability to adapt and answer quickly new questions.

In this talk we introduce a very powerful engine like Apache Solr and demonstrate how easy it is to set it up and start getting answers right away. Since a picture is better than a thousand words we will also introduce Banana (a fork of Kibana) as its graphical front end for data analysis.

Finally, We will also discuss about Solr Analytics 2.0 which, provides the ability to search on live data perfectly complementing the use of a traditional data warehouse database.

avatar for Jorge Anicama

Jorge Anicama

Manager, PwC
Over 16 years of experience in all phases of Architecting, implementing, and supporting BI and Data Warehousing solutions for customers in the USA, Europe and Latin America. Worked with many industries including Banking, Insurance, Telco, and Retail.
avatar for Jean-Pierre Dijcks

Jean-Pierre Dijcks

Master Product Manager, Oracle
Highly experienced product manager with 15 years of experience in enterprise software and enterprise data. Currently responsible for all product management aspects (technology, GTM, Enablement etc.) of Oracle Big Data Appliance and Big Data Cloud Service at Oracle.Active interest... Read More →

Thursday March 22, 2018 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
4-Rm 104

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