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Tuesday, March 20

10:10am PDT

HOL: Introduction to Oracle Analytics and Data Visualization
Limited Capacity full
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avatar for Joseph Kuttikat

Joseph Kuttikat

Director of Product Management, Oracle Analytics, Oracle India
Joseph is a Director of Product Management for Analytics family of products at Oracle. He has 10+ years of product management expertise and overall 15+ years of software industry experience. Along with his PM responsibilities, Joseph has been an Oracle technology evangelist on multiple... Read More →
avatar for Philippe Lions

Philippe Lions

Senior Director, Oracle
Philippe has an extensive experience with BI and data intelligence, both from the business user world side and the software designer world side. His career splits between holding Business Analyst roles in several corporations and for the second half, over a decade in BI Product Management... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 10:10am - 12:05pm PDT
6-Bldg 500

1:10pm PDT

HOL: Machine Learning 101 with Oracle Data Miner and ADWC's Machine Learning Notebook
Limited Capacity full
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Learn the fast and way to perform machine learning using SQL Developer 17.2’s Oracle Data Miner drag and drop workflow UI. Learn from multiple experts in the room who will provide 1:1 coaching, guidance and instruction as requested in performing several hands on tutorials. Ask questions, get answers and come away with a comfort level of using Oracle’s machine learning capabilities in your use cases.
Also, try the new Oracle Machine Learning (OML) Zeppelin-based notebook for the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC). OML extends Oracle’s offerings for data science in the cloud. OML’s collaborative, notebook environment helps data scientists built, share, document and automate data analysis methodologies that run in ADWC. Come learn about how easy it is to use Oracle’s newest SQL notebook technology to access and view data and build and deploy predictive machine learning models.

avatar for Charlie Berger

Charlie Berger

Sr. Dir. Product Mgmt, Oracle Machine Learning, AI, Oracle
Charlie Berger is the Sr. Director of Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics in Oracle Server Technology. Since 1999, he has been responsible for Oracle’s machine learning—starting when Oracle acquired Thinking Machines Corporation where he was VP of... Read More →
avatar for Karl Rexer

Karl Rexer

President, Rexer Analytics
My company: www.RexerAnalytics.comI started Rexer Analytics in 2002. We're a small data science, predictive modeling & analytic CRM consulting firm. We help clients explore and understand their customers' needs, market to them more effectively, and use data to make better strategic... Read More →
avatar for Tim Vlamis

Tim Vlamis

VP and Analytics Strategist, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
An Oracle Ace and expert in the visualization of data and the design of business analytics strategies, Tim combines a strong background in the application of Oracle-based business analytics and data mining with extensive experience in business modeling and valuation analysis. Tim... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 1:10pm - 3:20pm PDT
6-Bldg 500

3:35pm PDT

HOL: Property Graph 101 in Oracle Database for the Completely Clueless
Limited Capacity full
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Oracle Database 12c now includes property graphs - a powerful feature that goes beyond relational, to analyze relationships in big data, such as finding the most influential people in a social network, discovering patterns of fraud within financial transaction data, or recommending products based on what similar customers are buying.
Don’t have the slightest clue on how to get started with and use property graphs? Good news! If you can form a complete sentence (coffee allowed) then you can do this! This hands on lab by Vlamis will show you exactly how to create, load and use property graphs on the Oracle Database. We will cover how to create a property graph using Java or PLSQL, how to load data into a property graph from existing database tables, how to create an in-memory instance of a property graph, how to run algorithms such as page rank against a property graph, how to use PGQL (a sql like language for property graphs) to query a graph and ways to visualize graph data.

In order to complete the hands on lab you will need to bring your own laptop with VNC Viewer installed (https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/viewer/) so you can access the virtual machines we have set up for the lab.

avatar for Arthur Dayton

Arthur Dayton

Senior Consultant, Vlamis Software Solutions Inc
Arthur Dayton is a business analytics and data integration professional who works as a Senior Consultant for Vlamis Software Solutions. He teaches technology fundamentals to students at the University of Nebraska Omaha and also shares technical knowledge on his blog https://helpm... Read More →
avatar for Cathye Pendley

Cathye Pendley

VP of Consulting Services, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
Cathye has 23 years of experience working with Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) technologies; 14 of those years have been with Vlamis. Prior to entering the Oracle BI world, Cathye owned her own insurance agency. As VP of Consulting Services, Cathye leads the consulting organization... Read More →

Tuesday March 20, 2018 3:35pm - 5:10pm PDT
6-Bldg 500
Wednesday, March 21

9:00am PDT

HOL: Using R for Big Data Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Graph
Limited Capacity full
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Oracle R Enterprise (ORE), a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, provides a comprehensive, database-centric environment for end-to-end analytical processes in R, enabling immediate deployment to production environments. Entire R scripts can be operationalized in production applications - eliminating the need to port R code. Using ORE with Oracle Database enables R users to transparently analyze and manipulate data in Oracle Database thereby eliminating memory constraints imposed by client R engines. In this hands-on lab, attendees will work with the latest Oracle R Enterprise software, getting experience with the transparency layer, machine learning algorithms, and embedded R execution. Working with the instructors through scripted scenarios, users will understand how R is used in combination with Oracle Database to analyze big data.

avatar for Mark Hornick

Mark Hornick

Senior Director, Oracle
Mark Hornick is the Senior Director of Product Management for the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) family of products. He leads the OML PM team and works closely with Product Development on product strategy, positioning, and evangelization, Mark has over 20 years of experience with integrating... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 9:00am - 10:55am PDT
6-Bldg 500

11:10am PDT

HOL: Oracle Big Data SQL: Analyze Data Across Oracle Database, Hadoop, and NoSQL
Limited Capacity full
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Organizations are capturing data in a variety of data stores including Oracle Database, NoSQL, and Hadoop. Oracle Big Data SQL allows you to use Oracle SQL and security policies to seamlessly query across these stores. This means that existing Oracle Database query applications—without changes—will now be able to take advantage of this new information. This hands-on lab introduces you to how this is achieved: providing access to big data sources, implementing unified security, and delivering analyses that combine and correlate all data.

avatar for Martin Gubar

Martin Gubar

PM Director, Oracle
I'm part of Oracle's big data product management team - with a key focus on Big Data SQL. I have a long history at Oracle - starting in the sales consulting organization - and then working in the BI, OLAP and Big Data PM groups

Wednesday March 21, 2018 11:10am - 1:50pm PDT
6-Bldg 500

2:20pm PDT

HOL: Using Property Graph and Graph Analytics on Oracle NoSQL DB to analyze data on Meetup.com
Limited Capacity full
Adding this to your schedule will put you on the waitlist.

Meetup.com is a social media platform for people interested in the same subject to gather in groups, also to plan, and organize meetings in order to connect with meetup group members for the purpose of exchanging knowledge, discussing subjects and form new networks. All data related to meetup groups and their members, the events they organize and speakers at events as well as comments regarding events can perfectly representated as a property graph. This gives the opportunity to use graph algorithms to analyze these data. 
The purpose of this presentation is to show how to build a graph from Meetup.com data and how to use Oracle´s Property Graph In-Memory Analytics Framework to analyze the graph in order to (1) find influencers for certain topics in different locations or (2) identify hot topics people are interested in most. The HOL is "tell & show" using BDL VM 4.11 as environment, RStudio for data wrangling and Big Data Spatial and Graph with Oracle NoSQL DB as data layer. Scripts will be uploaded to and available via Github.

avatar for Karin Patenge

Karin Patenge

Business Development Manager, Oracle Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG
Karin Patenge is currently working as a Business Development Manager for Technology. She joined Oracle in 2007 as a PreSales Consultant with the focus to enable customers and partners in embedding Oracle Technologies (software products and services) in their solutions. Having a background... Read More →

Wednesday March 21, 2018 2:20pm - 3:10pm PDT
6-Bldg 500

3:25pm PDT

Real life Manufacturing Data is not like iris or titanic. We cannot just .fit() and .score(). We need to effectively .transform() the data. In this presentation, we will look at the complexity of manufacturing data and various ways to feature engineer manufacturing data to derive meaningful variables to solve manufacturing problems. Specifically we will look at a. Methods to construct machine learning data set for different type of Manufacturing like Lot Controlled, Serial Controlled, Batch Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing b. Transformation method of time series data from Machine Sensor Readings c. Various binning transformations on transaction data

avatar for Sreeram Hariharan

Sreeram Hariharan

Senior Prinicipal Applications Engineer, Oracle Corp
Application Developer working on Adaptive Intelligent Applications for Manufacturing.

Wednesday March 21, 2018 3:25pm - 4:15pm PDT
6-Bldg 500

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