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Karl Rexer

Rexer Analytics
My company: www.RexerAnalytics.com

I started Rexer Analytics in 2002. We're a small data science, predictive modeling & analytic CRM consulting firm. We help clients explore and understand their customers' needs, market to them more effectively, and use data to make better strategic and tactical business decisions.
...and we have a lot of fun doing it.

We are analytic geeks, data mining evangelists, and totally focused on our clients' business problems. We are NOT backroom statisticians - we communicate easily with C-level executives. We pride ourselves in fully understanding each client's business issues and conducting the right analytics to address their needs.

I'm also trying to advance the field of data mining and give back to the data mining community:
-- Industry Advisor for Babson College Business Analytics program
-- Member IBM SPSS Customer Advisory Board (2008 & 2010)
-- International data mining conference organizer & moderator (KDD, PAW, BIWA)
-- Paper & book reviewer for conferences, competitions & publishers
-- Invited speaker at MBA Data Mining classes
-- Ongoing research on the analytic behaviors, views, preferences & trends in the analytics community

Since 2007 we have designed, conducted, published and freely distributed the widely read Data Science Survey Report. Over 1,200 data miners from around the globe participated in the 2015 survey, and over 10,000 people have requested recent Summary Reports.

Recent clients: PwC, Oracle, HP, ADT Security, Redbox, AS Watson, GFR Media, HBO, MIT, Hult Business School, Interamericana University, Eastern Bank

Partners: Oracle, IBM, Vlamis Software, Bernett Research

Recent Projects:
-- Fraud detection
-- Customer segmentation
-- Attrition analysis & Loyalty program measurement
-- Predictive models for customer cross-sell & retention
-- Sales forecasting
-- Survey research

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